Thursday 16 May 2013

Finding disk quotas at Sanger

This is only useful for Sanger users.

/nfs home directory
You can find the total size of your /nfs home directory by typing:
% du -skh ~alc
where ~alc is your home directory. The home directory quota is 10 Gbyte by default. I just looked, and I am using 7.4 Gbyte, so it's getting close to full!

Note added 24-May-2021:  to get the total in Mbyte, you can type:

% du -m .

/lustre home directory
To find how much of your /lustre directory you are using, type:
% lfs quota /lustre/scratch108/parasites/alc/
where /lustre/scratch108/parasites/alc/ is the /lustre directory.

Thanks to Tim Cutts for this info.

See here for some useful explanation of the output of 'lfs quota'.

Finding the largest directories
% du --max-depth=1 | sort -k1,1nr | more

Sort files in a directory by size
% ls -alS | more
This doesn't seem to work for subdirectories.

Check how much space is available on a disk:
% df -h . 

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