Monday 28 October 2013

Using the Sagemath cloud and Wakari websites

Sagemath cloud

I've recently discovered the Sagemath cloud website. This is a really cool website, where you can make an account, and then can:
(i) create and run SAGE math worksheets, without installing SAGE math on your computer,
(ii) create and run Ipython notebooks, without installing Ipython on your computer,
(iii) create and run Latex documents, without installing Latex on your computer.

If you just want to use ipython notebooks, an alternative is to use the Wakari website.
At Sanger, website only works through the WTGC wireless network, and using safari, due to firewall issues.

If so, here's what you can do:
1) Change to the WTGC wireless network
2) Open safari
3) Go to and make an account
4) This should open up wakari
5) Then you need to download the Ipython notebooks for the Python tutorial to your local computer, by following the instructions on my blog in the 'Downloading python notebooks' section
6) Then in wakari,  you can upload the first of the python notebooks for the tutorial (Introduction_to_python_session_1.ipynb) by clicking on the upload symbol (an upward arrow) on the top left of the page, and selecting this file
7) Once the Introduction_to_python_session_1.ipynb file has been uploaded to wakari, you should see it listed on the left of the page. Click on this to open it in wakari

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William Stein said...

In your post you describe wakari not working with some of your networks. They embed ipython notebooks in an iframe that is served from a nonstandard port. I was worried this would cause problems, so with, I setup some proxying so that notebooks are served over a standard port from the same site, which has to work. This turned out to be pretty tricky, and I've spent the last few weeks dealing with little issues where the connection would hang, etc. -- but things seem to be working well now.

-- William (a Sagemath Cloud dev)