Wednesday 14 November 2018

I-TASSER for protein structure and function prediction

I've recently heard about the I-TASSER program for protein structure and function prediction.

Notes to self:
- there is a script on the Sanger farm for running it
-  I-TASSER and its scripts currently live here:
- Users need the library location:
- Sample command: -pkgdir /software/pathogen/external/apps/usr/local/itasser-5.0 -libdir /lustre/scratch118/infgen/pathogen/pathpipe/itasser -java_home /usr -seqname example -datadir example  -outdir itasser_out
- If users run it with the -light option that will limit the simulation time to 5-6 hours which means they can get a smallish protein (<100aa) through in approx 8 hours.

Thanks to 
Victoria Offord
Arporn Wangwiwatsin

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