Friday 18 March 2016

Getting orthologs and their percent identity from WormBase ParaSite

There are two assemblies for Fasciola hepatica in WormBase ParaSite, for two different isolates. I wanted to get the orthologs for them, and the percent identity between orthologs. I did this:

- from the homepage, I clicked on BioMart,
- I chose Species->Genome->Fasciola PRJEB179522
- Then Multi-Species Comparisons->Homolog Filters->orthologous Fasciola PRJEB6687 only
- Then Count-> Says 8251 genes
- Then Attributes->Species->Genome name
- Then Attributes->Homologs->Orthologs->Fasciola hepatica (PRJEB6687) gene stable ID, %identity

This gave me a list of orthologs with their percent identity:



Thanks to Bruce Bolt for help with this.

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